Automatic App Deployment for LangChain x DemoGPT Marketplace

Hi, as :jigsaw: DemoGPT, we’re automatically creating LangChain x Streamlit applications just from textual prompts. We want to automatically deploy those applications to
Is there any way to do this automatically such as any available API to deploy streamlit apps or any automation which is both legal and easy?
If any Streamlit member can answer this question, we are also open to collaboration, because we are close to making our marketplace ready with the collaboration of LangChain and for hosting, we are searching for a collaboration with Streamlit. Otherwise, it means that manual deployment is needed for 100k apps for just a month. Because we will use Streamlit for visualization.
For more information about DemoGPT & LangChain collaboration, check out this blog

Hi @melih-unsal,

Thanks for posting!

Streamlit Community Cloud doesn’t have an API for creating new apps at this time. You have to manually link each new GitHub repo to a new Streamlit Community Cloud app for the first time then subsequent repo updates are updated on the app.

Hi @tonykip , thanks for your quick reply.

Is there any chance to discuss this kind of collaboration with Streamlit for auto deployment or we need to do this automation by ourselves? Because there will be lots of generated Streamlit applications via our collaboration with LangChain, we will need this kind of API to automate all these processes.

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