Automating Streamlit App deployment using GitHub Actions

Hello Team,

Hope you are doing well. Thank you for making streamlit community cloud. I found it very useful to quickly deploy web apps with different types. Recently playing around with Streamlit and was creating a portfolio project hosted in GitHub.

  1. The link to the public app deployed on Community Cloud:
  2. The link to my app’s public GitHub repository: GitHub - i-Am-GhOsT/Portfolio: My Own Portfolio Website Hosted in Github
  3. Streamlit, version 1.32.2 | and Python version: 3.11.4

But upon checking I didn’t find any GitHub Actions to deploy a project to the Community cloud. I tried to look for past discussions and found none such. So raising this topic discussion.

Hope to get some help here. Thanks in advance.

Arindam Tanti

#collab #contribution #streamlit #community :cloud: Community Cloud streamlit-cloud