Autoplay and controls properties for audio and video


I have an app with a few audios (OGG bytes-like stored in a db). Works just fine if user press the play button using But I need this to autoplay, without showing those controls.

I tried to hack the tag using js code, but couldn’t have it done even if using unsafe_allow_html. Probably injection of js is not yet allowed.

<button onclick='myFunction()'>Try it</button>
<script>function myFunction() {alert('Hello, world!');}</ script >
st.markdown(string, unsafe_allow_html=True)

I then tried to create my own HTML using markdown, but in this case, I can’t use my bytes-like object without prior writing it to disk.

Expected (sth like):, format='audio/ogg', autoplay=True, controls=False)

Have anyone solved this kind of problem?


mymidia_bytes is a blob object stored in my sqlite database [sqlite.Bytes(my_audio_bytes)], loaded to a pandas dataframe (row.Audio).

To autoplay it in the streamlit app:

import base64

mymidia_placeholder = st.empty()

mymidia_str = "data:audio/ogg;base64,%s"%(base64.b64encode(mymidia_bytes).decode())
mymidia_html = """
                <audio autoplay class="stAudio">
                <source src="%s" type="audio/ogg">
                Your browser does not support the audio element.

mymidia_placeholder.markdown(mymidia_html, unsafe_allow_html=True)
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