Awkward dataframe style in 0.89.0

In 0.86.0 st.dataframe() gave me something nice and neat:

Now when I have upgraded to 0.89.0 st.dataframe() gives me something like this:

Probably I might have used some configs that have no support anymore? Or is this expected dataframe representation?

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kind of solution for me:

div[class="ReactVirtualized__Grid table-bottom-left"],
div[class="ReactVirtualized__Grid table-top-right"],
div[class="ReactVirtualized__Grid"] {
    background-color: #1f2229;

.stDataFrame div {
    border-color: #222222;
    font-family: "Source Sans Pro", sans-serif;

.stDataFrame {
    border: 5px solid #1f2229;

The same thing happened to me when I upgraded from 0.82 all the way to 1.2

The table that I see is not consistent with the documentation on st.table - Streamlit Docs