BadZipFile: File is not a zip file

I’m deploying my dashboard which has plots based on .xlsm file. Its working fine on locan device but while deploying im getting “BadZipFile: File is not a zip file” error.

Hi @pratik0199 and welcome to our community! It’s great to have you! :hugs:

Do you have a link to your repo?


Also, you may need to double-check that the .xlsm file you’re trying to use isn’t corrupted. Open it up in Excel on your local device to make sure everything’s running okay.

If it doesn’t open, you might have to fix or recreate it.

No, repo just have .py, requirements.txt and my excel (.xlsm) file

Excel file is working fine, while opening dashboard through local host(streamlit run my dashboard is visble but while deploying on streamlit cloud/render that error is coming

Can you pls paste the here?

Its a big file

How are you deploying to streamlit cloud without a repository?

I’ve repo which has code file, excel and requiremt.txt file, which is connected to streamlit cloud

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import streamlit as st
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns

st.header(‘Compressor Health Monitoring’)
#st.subheader(‘This is our website’)

excel_file = pd.read_excel(r’comp_dashboard/GERC_A_PARA_GUI_rev4.xlsm at main · pratik0199/comp_dashboard · GitHub’, engine=‘openpyxl’)
dict_stg = {‘Stage 1’: {‘tab1’: [7, 368, ‘table1_df’], ‘tab2’: [372, 733, ‘table2_df’], ‘tab3’: [745, 1106, ‘table3_df’], ‘tab4’: [1110, 1471,‘table4_df’]},
‘Stage 2’: {‘tab1’: [7, 368, ‘table1_df’], ‘tab2’: [372, 733, ‘table2_df’], ‘tab3’: [745, 1106, ‘table3_df’], ‘tab4’: [1110, 1471,‘table4_df’]}

Indeed, the link does not point to an xlsm file but to a github page.

Use the Raw link to access the file.

Yes, its working now. Thank you!