Bag image classifier

Check out this awesome Streamlit app I built Feedback will be highly appreciated.

PS: My first Streamlit app

Edited: This is a bag image classifier model, it classifies bags into five different categories namely; Backpacks, Briefcases, Duffles, Handbags and Purses.

The demo can be found here.


Hi @Nwosu-Ihueze, welcome to the Streamlit community! When you say ‘bags’, are you talking about handbags/purses?

One suggestion I have would be to provide a sample image for users to download, so they know how to use your app.


Thank you Randy for the suggestion, I have implemented that.

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Congrats on the first app! :slight_smile:

I would suggest adding a sample of images to choose from - in case Users don’t have their own images ready, they can see how the app works on a given sample.