Behavior of Expanders

-Local App

I am trying to understand the behavior of the expanders.

I currently have an expander within the main section of my page (st,expander()) that contains a selectbox

Every time I expand it and then select an item in the box, the page refreshes and the expander collapses again.

However, I also have an expander in the sidebar (st.sidebar.expander()) that contains a selectbox. When i expand that one and select an item in the list the expander does not collapse. This is the behavior I desire, but I’m not sure what is driving that on the main section of the page.

Any ideas what would be causing the difference?

Hi @Phillip_Foster

Typically having a widget nested inside a widget, followed by a widget interaction, would trigger a page refresh and the app reruns again. To prevent this, you’ll have to store the widget values from the widget (the selectbox) in a session state variable.

Please see the following Docs page for example and code snippets:

Hope this helps!

That is not how expanders work by default. There must be something in your code that causes that behavior.