Beta_expander: how to execute code only when expanded


I would like the use the beta_expander.

  1. Naïvely, I would like to have the code “inside” the beta_expander to be executed only when the beta_expander is expanded.

  2. I would also like to check is some beta_expander is collapsed.

  3. And I would also like to collapse/expand a beta_expander programmatically.

What can be done from my dreams?
Most important to me is the first dream.

Thanks for your suggestions,


Hey @maajdl

I’m pretty sure I saw this request multiple times so let’s try to focus all those demands in one place :thinking: the closest issue I could find is this one:

Could you maybe drop your full usecase there so we can start coordinating work for this on Github?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
Fanilo :balloon:

Good idea.