Blank browser with just Deploy and other menu options

  1. App is running locally - no errors

  2. no error message

  3. Streamlit version : Version: 1.28.0

  4. Python version : 3.9.13

  5. Browser and CMD line screenshots

  6. hello app works fine

Can you share the contents of Make sure you’ve saved the file if you’ve edited it recently.

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import streamlit as st
import joblib
import time
from PIL import Image

gender_nv_model = open("models/naivemodel.pkl","rb")
gender_clf = joblib.load(gender_nv_model)

def predict_gender(data):
  vect = gender_cv.transform(data).toarray()
  result = gender_clf.predict(vect)
  return result
def load_css(file_name):
    with open(file_name) as f:
        st.markdown('<style>{}</style>'.format(, unsafe_allow_html=True)

def load_icon(icon_name):
    st.markdown('<i class="material-icons">{}</i>'.format(icon_name), unsafe_allow_html=True)

def load_images(file_name):
  img =
  return st.image(img,width=300)
def main():
  """Gender Classifier App
    With Streamlit


  st.title("Gender Classifier")
  html_temp = """
  <div style="background-color:blue;padding:10px">
  <h2 style="color:grey;text-align:center;">Streamlit App </h2>


  name = st.text_input("Enter Name","Pleas Type Here")
  if st.button("Predict"):
    result = predict_gender([name])
    if result[0] == 0:
      prediction = 'Female'
      img = 'female.png'
      result[0] == 1
      prediction = 'Male'
      img = 'male.png'

    st.success('Name: {} was classified as {}'.format(name.title(),prediction))

I don’t see that your main function is called. Can you add main() at the end of your file, save it, and try again?