Blank map using


I am pretty new to streamlit and I am trying to use I applied my token at Mapbox and changed it in config.toml


Configure Streamlit to use a custom Mapbox token for elements like st.deck_gl_chart and If you don’t do this you’ll be using Streamlit’s own token, which has limitations and is not guaranteed to always work. To get a token for yourself, create an account at It’s free! (for moderate usage levels)

Default: “pk.[TOKEN]”

token = “pk.[MY TOKEN]”

But when I run I just got a blank map with no nothing in it. Does anyone know how to fix this?


I have the same question. The documentation of Streamlit didn’t show the map either.

Hey @ugyc27, Welcome to the forums :tada:

Could you bring us a small code example so we can try it?, also if you have a screenshot showing the error would be helpful

Hey @ywanemma, I’m seeing correctly the documentation example

Is it showing an error for you ?