Bokeh can provide layouts, tabs, advanced tables and JS Callbacks in Streamlit!

After studying Panel and Bokeh for a couple of weeks I thought I would try out using Bokeh in Streamlit to create som Bokeh plots via st.bokeh_chart.

What I found surprised me. It turns out you can in fact use Bokeh plotting, layouts, some widgets like tables and tabs and JS Calbacks!.

And even more thought provoking. I think the Bokeh server can integrate well with Streamlit to get advanced Python Callbacks as well. And even more thought provoking. I think we could actually get Panel integrated as well! I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet :slight_smile:

Whether it’s a good thing I’ve discovered or it’s Pandoras Box I’ve opened I don’t yet know. What do you think?

Check out the example and code in the Gallery at

FYI. @pybokeh, @Adrien_Treuille, @thiago


Just played with this @Marc. This is super interesting, and yes, awesome! :slight_smile:


Please could you provide source code for this application? Or teach me how you do that, was amazing this tabs feature, wish it exists in streamlit itself and i wish to use that tab application.
i tried but doesn’t open here, i think the website has a problem.

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@matthewsjones, all the codes are included on the awesome-streamlit site. try using instead. It only works for me if I include https in the url.


omg thank you, the http tip worked here too :wink: