Bra Therapy LLM: Talk about your bra problems, see what issues other people have and run surveys for your bra ideas

Hey, been a while :smiley:

I’ve built

It’s an AI you can chat with that’ll keep asking thoughtful questions to get to the bottom of your bra issues.

There’s also a stats page that aggregates all the identified issues and a survey page you can run your bra ideas by.

The stats page is a dashboard visualising the data and the survey page is well where you can run surveys. Each person who’s had a chat with the bra therapist is turned into an AI persona and that’s used to answer yes/no survey questions so you can do something like “would you buy a bra that’s marketed as ___” and get results as a percentage.

I’m not sure yet how to proceed with this but I think it could be a product that informs bra designers on what pain points to focus on.

Please give it a go and leave feedback on what I can improve!

Note: Running on’s free tier, so can take a minute to start up sometimes :slight_smile:

Why did I build this?

A close friend is an engineer at a large company that invents new tech for bras. We had a discussion on the various ways AI could help their problem → invention pipeline and among the many, one of the problems - collecting pain points from users - I thought could be done scalably with language models i.e. talk to thousands regularly all over the world. He disagreed but it was merely both our opinions so I thought I’d build something to run an experiment and see