Bring the body closer to the top

Hi guys, im new to ST and im absolutely loving programming in it.

But Im having some hard times styling the components since we dont have an unique ID for the divs.

I want to remove or make it smaller, this empty space on the top of my page, since it is a “lose” of space, I removed the header/footer because I need it in fullscreen to show the table a little bigger.

Is there a way I cant do it?

Hello @Alexandre_Choske.

Currently you can style your Streamlit app by injecting CSS code. Youtuber @andfanilo explains it in more detail and some more advanced stuff in this video:

Assuming your page is in wide mode, you could use the following code, with some adjustments, to remove blank space at top and bottom of a Streamlit page on version 1.27.2:

           /* Remove blank space at top and bottom */ 
           .block-container {
               padding-top: 0rem;
               padding-bottom: 0rem;
           /* Remove blank space at the center canvas */ 
           .st-emotion-cache-z5fcl4 {
               position: relative;
               top: -62px;
           /* Make the toolbar transparent and the content below it clickable */ 
           .st-emotion-cache-18ni7ap {
               pointer-events: none;
               background: rgb(255 255 255 / 0%)
           .st-emotion-cache-zq5wmm {
               pointer-events: auto;
               background: rgb(255 255 255);
               border-radius: 5px;
    """, unsafe_allow_html=True)

But do keep in mind this CSS code can change in future versions of Streamlit, as this method is not officially supported, it is more of a “workaround” at the moment.


Thank you so much worked like a charm :slight_smile:

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