Cache_data with function to load gif files

Before my question, I want to greet and thank all the Streamlit team for having developed this wonderful tool (seriously, thank you !).

I am new and I still don’t understand the cache function. From what I saw, it serves to execute a function only once, as long as the input parameters do not change, which saves time in the execution. However, I’m trying to use it in a small test app, specifically to load two .gif files that weigh less than 10 mb each, but I feel that even though the function in which both files are loaded is cached, on each interaction, both files are reloaded (because of the delay). Am I using the cache function wrong or is it not really used for this?

Thanks for any help.

import streamlit as st
import base64
import time

st.set_page_config(page_title = "JARU Apps", page_icon = "🦅", layout = "wide")

def load_gif():
    file_1   = open(r'SearchIT.gif', "rb")
    content1 =
    gif1     = base64.b64encode(content1).decode("utf-8")
    file_2   = open(r'Creator.gif', "rb")
    content2 =
    gif2     = base64.b64encode(content2).decode("utf-8")
    return gif1, gif2

gif1, gif2 = load_gif()

col1, col2 = st.columns([1, 1])
with col1:
    col3, col4, col5 = st.columns([1, 2.1, 1])
    with col4:
        st.header('SearchIT y Creator')
        st.text_input('Usuario:', placeholder = 'Ingrese aqui su usuario')
        st.text_input('Contraseña:', type = "password", placeholder = 'Ingrese aqui su contraseña')
        selectbox_1 = st.selectbox('Aplicativo:', ('App SearchIT', 'App Creator'))
        button_1 = st.button('Ingresar', use_container_width = True)
        empty_1  = st.empty()
        if button_1:
            with empty_1.container():
                st.warning('Las credencialas ingresadas no son correctas. Porfavor, reviselas e intente denuevo.')
        st.markdown('''<marquee style='font-size: 2; width: 100%' scrollamount='10'>
            <b>Desarrollados por: Junior Aguilar</b>
        </marquee>''', unsafe_allow_html = True)
with col2:
    if selectbox_1 == 'App SearchIT':
        st.markdown('''<div style="text-align: justify;">
            Te ayudara a buscar resoluciones parecidas a las que quieras desarrollar, mediante el uso de palabras 
            clave que permitan identificar dicha resolución. Ademas, podras visualizar dichas resoluciones sin necesidad 
            de descargarlas.
        </div>''', unsafe_allow_html = True)
        st.markdown(f'<img src = "data:image/gif;base64,{gif1}" width = "100%">', unsafe_allow_html = True)
        st.markdown('''<div style="text-align: justify;">
            Te ayudara generar el proyecto de resolución en si, pero mas rápido de lo normal, ya que los 
            datos que se encuentren disponibles en el expediente se agregaran en el documento Word de manera automática. 
            Ademas, podras agregar parrafos segun tus necesidades.
        </div>''', unsafe_allow_html = True)
        st.markdown(f'<img src = "data:image/gif;base64,{gif2}" width = "100%">', unsafe_allow_html = True)

Github repo link → GitHub - junior19a2000/Searchit_y_Creator: Presentación de las aplicaciones web desarrolladas en mi periodo de prácticas en la Sala Colegiada de la JARU del Osinergmin

Hi @Junior19 , i think your using the cache_function wrong u have to give any function parameter for your load_gif() function so that stream lit can hash and store it in the cache , so just give any parameter that doesn’t change everytime the code is reloaded and keep in mind u cant give the image as a parameter to hash .
Hope this helps

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It works! thanks a lot

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