Cached data after using st.camera_input()?


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Not sure where the captured camera image is stored locally or cached? Can I extract the image from a file path?

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def main():
    """A simple ID wine"""
    #Title of the app
    st.title("wine BAKER app with streamlit + Camera Preview")
    st.subheader("streamlit is :fire:")

    img_file_buffer = st.camera_input("一二三,🍆 ")

    if img_file_buffer is not None:
        # To read image file buffer with OpenCV:
        bytes_data = img_file_buffer.getvalue()
        cv2_img = cv2.imdecode(np.frombuffer(bytes_data, np.uint8), cv2.IMREAD_COLOR)

        # Check the type of cv2_img:
        # Should output: <class 'numpy.ndarray'>

        # Check the shape of cv2_img:
        # Should output shape: (height, width, channels)


        #how to save captured camera input image
        """with open(, "wb") as f:

        st.success("File Saved")"""

    image ='cv2_img')
    st.image(image, caption='Cheese', use_column_width=False)

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Where does st.camera_input camera captured file is being stored?

Streamlit holds information in memory until you explicitly write it somewhere. From the documentation:

picture = st.camera_input("Take a picture")

picture is just the image data held in memory, not saved as a file anywhere.

The example you posted works with the image in memory, changing the data type, but it’s still in memory. You can check out the imwrite method if you are looking to save the image as a file.

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