After a period of inactivity (15 minutes? 30 minutes? :person_shrugging:) I’m sometimes getting a CacheStorageKeyNotFoundError.

I’ve posted my logs here.

App is hosted on Streamlit Community Cloud, and we’re currently running Streamlit v.1.21.0.

This looks to be the same issue raised here and here but neither provide a solution.

Is anyone able to help? TIA.


There is an obvious reason why issue 6268 was closed without any attempts to solve it. Maybe you are in a position to file a better one.

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Thanks, I’ve raised as a new issue here: CacheStorageKeyNotFoundError on Streamlit Community Cloud · Issue #6751 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub

I don’t think code in a private repo qualifies as a Reproducible Code Example.

I can try to make a minimal code example if that’s needed, but I’m starting from a blank page in terms of knowing which element of the codebase might be causing the error.

So we are all, but you have the code and the rest of the world doesn’t.

Ah, do your devs not have access if the repo powers a Community Cloud app?

Re: my comment, I’m happy to produce a minimal example but I was hoping from the logs I provided (or the repo, if your devs have access) someone might be able to provide some pointers on where to look.

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