Camera Shut down problem persist after using streamlit webrtc

app link:- Streamlit (

github:- opencv_basic_app/ at main · abhinavomer/opencv_basic_app (

When i tested this app on local machine it worked fine but when i deployed it on streamlit cloud, in live cam mode in navigation bar my camera shut downs unexpectedly please help

@whitphx @dataprofessor Help please

Hi @abhinavomer

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing the issue.

Streamlit Cloud has a resource limit of 1GB for deployed apps. Have you tried decreasing the video resolution or frame rate to reduce the computational load and potentially resolve the problem?


Hey @Charly_Wargnier can you please help me in doing that
media_stream_constraints={“video”: {“width”:300,“height”:400,“frameRate”:{“ideal”:10}}, “audio”: False},

i have done this but problem persist