Can I realise this idea in Streamlit with file uploader and forms?

Hi All

Currently, I have a dashboard which is structured in this way:

  • File uploader which takes a raw file
  • Streamlit takes this file and produces three charts
  • Streamlit form which allows user to select some items and then produce a chart

The problem is, when the user presses submit on the form the entire page reloads. Ideally, I would like to the part above the form to remain static while the form-submit works its magic.

Is this possible using session states? If so I would like to discuss how.

A prototype of this app is available at:

And the GitHub repository with the code and template of an excel file is at:

You will notice that, if you select some filter in the plotly charts in the first section and then go on to enter a value into the form, the charts in the first section reset.

Thanks a lot

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