Can I use dual windows?

Can I use dual windows? Like the attached picture.

Hi @seungheeya

Typically, you could make use of st.columns (st.columns - Streamlit Docs) to structure contents into columns.

In the case of a chatbot, the conversation content and st.chat_input defaults to the main panel, thus you could perhaps put your Summary contents into the sidebar via st.sidebar (st.sidebar - Streamlit Docs).

Thank you so much @dataprofessor :smiley:

What I’m curious about is whether you can float two windows at the same time, not divide them in one window.

Is it possible?

Hi @seungheeya

By window are you referring to a browser window? If so, then having 2 browser windows opened concurrently would instantiate 2 separate sessions of the app, unless you’re able to have the app store read/write data to the same database.

It is an interesting concept, but not sure if this is what you’re referring to.