Can I use the tools on my share.streamlit and integrate them into my website?

I have a website where I have some streamlit tools online, I use a vps to keep them online, is it possible to use stramlit share to replace the vps?

Hey @Armando_Lo_Conte,

If you’re just looking to host your app with Community Cloud rather than a VPS, then yes, that’s definitely possible (and I’d recommend checking out our docs on deploying apps on Community Cloud here).

Hy Caroline I’m really interest to host my app on your vps, in this day I have try streamlit share, but application is public, I want my code private, community cloud is private? And what the price do the hosting?

Community Cloud is free and allows you to host unlimited public apps + one private app :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a website where I host several webapps, I would be interested in transferring them to your systems, but I need private non-public apps

Community Cloud offers only one private app, but we are currently building a solution to host Streamlit apps with Snowflake. You can sign up to learn more about this product here.

There are also a number of other platforms that can be used to deploy Streamlit apps; our forum’s deployment wiki features helpful guides and tutorials.

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