Can we integrate our HTML CSS UI with streamlit?

I have UI designed for my web app using HTML and CSS. Can I use it as a layout for my streamlit web app ?

Hi Vansh,

Sure, you can use html and css components with streamlit. Just use components.html or components.iframe



Thanks for answering the question. I went through the documentation and found this warning.

So this won’t work in the latest version of streamlit ?

I tried it, seems to work

Great ! I’ll try to implement this too. Thanks :slight_smile:.

Hi @Vansh_Sharma :wave:

The error you’re seeing is a documentation issue for static components being tracked here: Autofunctions for `components.v1.html`, `components.v1.iframe` are broken · Issue #15 · streamlit/docs · GitHub

We’re working on a fix!

Best, :balloon:

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