Can you select rows in a table?

Is it possible to select rows of a table and then get the selected data? Can be st.table() or st.write(dataframe)

Hi @gaboc4. Unfortunately that functionality is not yet supported but we are designing it! In the meantime, a workaround would be to use an st.multiselect, e.g.:

selected_indices = st.multiselect('Select rows:', data.index)

Which will work up to about 1000 rows or so and which will look like this:

You can see an example in this gist.

This feature request is being tracked here. Please feel free to follow the issue to keep up with the latest developments. Also please feel free to comment on it so that we can better understand your use-case.

Thanks for using Streamlit!!

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Thanks so much @Amanda_Kelly ! This answered exactly what I needed it to - and I will keep up to date with the ticket

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This is really great. :slight_smile: