Cannot debug Streamlit in Pycharm 2023.3.3

Iโ€™ve been debugging Streamlit apps like in this image which was taken from another thread here.
Now when I try it with Pycharm 2023.3.3, I get an exception stating:

File "D:\Python\Python310\lib\asyncio\", line 80, in _run
TypeError: 'Task' object is not callable

Did anyone else get this error?
Iโ€™m using Streamlit 1.22.2

streamlit 1.30.0 here, got the exact same error debugging on pycharm (same version)

just update to Pycharm 2023.3.3 and streamlit 1.31.1 and having the same problem.
note it occures only on debug mode.
unfortunalty i had to downgrade pycharm back to 2023.2.5

Same here I have PyCharm 2023.3.3 (Professional Edition). I guess I have to go back to 2023.2.5. Anyone know if this is a PyCharm issue or a Streamlit issue?


Disable Help | Find Action | Registry | python.debug.asyncio.repl
can fix it.


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