Cannot deploy

Hi I’m trying to deploy a simple Gibhub integration following the Snowflake tutorial

I’ve put in the error message I am getting. I’ve tried recreating the account, the repo exists, I am now completely confused. I thought the problem was that I did not have a primary account but I do. It’s just not finding the repo in Github.

Hi @Peter_Fuller, welcome to the community!! :wave: :partying_face:

It looks like the repo named repo does not exist on your GitHub profile. I can see just one repo named first_streamlit_app:

The primary branch for this repo is main, not master:

If you enter the following values in the above fields, it should find your repo:

  • Repository: peterib74493/first_streamlit_app
  • Branch: main
  • Main file path:

The above is equivalent to clicking on “Paste GitHub URL” and entering

Best, :balloon:

Oh, I’ve just noticed a typo in your Python file name. You first need to rename streamlit_app_py in GitHub to before following the steps from my previous reply.

Well thank you hugely for your fast response, I have clearly made many errors. I will try to do what you have suggested.

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Hi. Thanks to your help I got to the “bun” stage. I then got the following screen

I’m a bit worried as it finished on a “Client Connecting” string and the progress bar looks jammed up. Has the process stopped because I have not connected Github correctly to Streamlit?

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Nope. You can safely ignore the logs. It is indicating that Streamlit was successfully installed and your app is up and running.

You’re not seeing anything else displayed on the rest of your screen because your script is empty and doesn’t contain any code.

Brilliant, thank you so much. I know my way around SQL but python is a whole new world!

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