Cannot upload my project

Hello everyone. I am new here (have almost 0 knowledge about git and streamlit cloud). Managed to write a code and tested it on a local server, but cannot upload it. Found solution, but it said about poetry file, which I dont have. Need some help

Hello @nuarKun,

First off, a warm welcome to our community! :raised_hands:

I assume you mean you would like to deploy your application.

Streamlit offers a great service called the Streamlit Community Cloud. It’s a platform where you can deploy your apps at no cost. To get started, simply visit: Streamlit Cloud

Should you encounter any hurdles or have questions along the way, our comprehensive documentation is here to assist: Streamlit Community Cloud Docs

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further information or guidance. We’re here to help!


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Hi @nuarKun

As my colleague pointed out, you can deploy to the Streamlit Community Cloud.

As a first step, there’s a tutorial video on deploying to the Streamlit Community Cloud here

And a corresponding tutorial blog here Host your Streamlit app for free

Hope this helps!

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Great additions, thanks @dataprofessor!

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