Can't find model 'es_core_news_sm'


I’m trying to run these codes and don’t work:

  • nlp = spacy.load(“es_core_news_sm”)
  • nlp = es_core_news_sm.load()

When I run the app locally works but when I deploy it after pushing on Github doesn’t work.

The error: OSError: [E050] Can’t find model ‘es_core_news_md’. It doesn’t seem to be a Python package or a valid path to a data directory.

My code is here: GitHub - ockdavid/WordParty

Does anyone had the same problem and could solve it?

Hi @David_Landeo_Vargas

A potential solution to this issue (OSError: [E050] Can't find model 'es_core_news_sm' · explosion/spaCy · Discussion #8881 · GitHub) is to download the Spanish model via:

python -m spacy download es_core_news_sm

Hope this helps!

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