Can't find SPARK, Streamlit Sharing

In trying to deploy an app I ran into this error:
ValueError: Couldn’t find Spark, make sure SPARK_HOME env is set or Spark is in an expected location (e.g. from homebrew installation).

My requirements.txt file at the moment is:
pyspark ==3.1.1
streamlit ==0.80

Wouldn’t spark_home be on streamlit’s servers. Or could i possibly upload spark and set home to in my repo?


Hi @Kershawn, welcome to the Streamlit community!

By default, almost nothing is installed on the Streamlit sharing container. While I wouldn’t recommend using Spark (due to the 800MB RAM limit on Streamlit sharing), if you did want to do that you most likely need to install Java. This is done by creating a packages.txt file such as the following: