CARTAR - Identify targets for Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) therapy in cancer

Hi, I am a PhD student and I deployed my first app to identify and validate cancer targets for CAR therapy. I hope this app is useful for other fellow researchers.


Congratulations for your first deployment.

Can you describe your app in simple words.

Thank you very much,

Sure, CAR therapy is a way to treat cancer by using the body’s own immune system. The goal is to find specific proteins on the surface of cancer cells so that the immune cells can be genetically modified to recognize and attack them. This tool helps identify potential proteins that can be targeted, making sure they work well to spot cancer cells without harming healthy ones. It’s like finding the right keys to unlock and destroy the bad cells while keeping the good ones safe.

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Nice app, it is also better to add something like that in the deployed app for people who are not expert in this area.