Change font for table or dataframe

Hi everyone! I am working on a database for my company and want to change the font style of the displayed dataframes to the cooperation font (from default to Avenir or Montserrat). With the .style command I can only change the background or the size but not the font itself. I would also like to change the font of a formula (that only displays the units) of a subheading.


Hey @Catherine_Matje,

Thanks for sharing this question! You’ll need to add some CSS to your app to achieve this. There are a few resources/tutorials on this topic:

Great, I’ll check that out, thanks for the quick reply.

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I tried setting multiple css classes but could not find the one that affects st.dataframe. Now all my other data elements use the same font but the dataframe sticks out like a sore thumb :frowning:
I tried to use st.table. It gets the formatting right but does not offer the scrollable and display features offered by st.dataframe


See if components API would help. Have a look at this discussion for an example implementation.