Change the Background color and text

Can we change the background color of the app and the text ?
if yes please sahre the code

Hey @Pradeep_Rajpurohit :wave:,

This is similar to another user question here.

This request has recently been coming up more frequently so we went ahead and made a feature request for it. Feel free to follow/comment/upvote if you’d like! We want theming to be straightforward and easy, so the exact API might take a little while to land while we decide on the best way to support it.

Some users have been hacking this together by passing a <style> block into st.markdown with unsafe_allow_html=True . This does have limitations though, for example you’ll have to update a lot of styles to get things to look the way you want. Hope this helps and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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