Changing multi-page app entrypoint file

I’m converting a single-page app to a multi-page app, and I’d like to change the name of the entrypoint file so that the page title makes sense. I can’t find where to change this setting. This forum post discusses a similar issue but is only applicable to deploying a new app, not updating an existing app.
Thank you for your help!

streamlit 1.22.0
python 3.8.16

Hi @aaron-sandoval

Changing the entry point file requires a new deployment. Renaming the entry point file will break the app, thus it is recommended to deploy a new app using the new entry point.

If you’d like to use the same subdomain you can rename the new deployment to the original subdomain (you’ll need to rename the original subdomain to something else first).

Hope this helps!

hmmm - I’m not sure how to do this other than deleting and re-deploying app with the rename entrypoint.

Can we add a new feature that offers additional configuration in the App settings for the “Main file path” as well as other options like “Branch” which only appeared on the new deployment page?
But seems it only influences the Analytics if deploying a new one for now.