Changing the experimental_get_query_params to query_params throwing error

Still learning but can someone explain to change the deprecated ‘experimental_get_query_params’ to ‘query_params’ simply?

If I change this:

        if 'code' not in st.experimental_get_query_params():
            show_auth_link(config, label)
        code = st.experimental_get_query_params()['code'][0]
        state = st.experimental_get_query_params()['state'][0]

to this:

        if 'code' not in st.query_params():
            show_auth_link(config, label)
        code = st.query_params()['code'][0]
        state = st.query_params()['state'][0]

I see this error:
TypeError: ‘QueryParamsProxy’ object is not callable

prior to this code change I did from this which is ALSO throwing an error:

From this:


To this:

st.query_params["key"] = qparms

I see the error:

StreamlitAPIException : You cannot set a query params key key to a dictionary.

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Hello @KristiVice1,

When you switch from st.experimental_get_query_params() to st.query_params , you need to adjust how you access the properties. st.query_params is no longer a method (callable) but a property (non-callable) that returns a dictionary-like object of the current session’s query parameters.

if 'code' not in st.session_state.query_params:
    show_auth_link(config, label)
code = st.session_state.query_params['code'][0]
state = st.session_state.query_params['state'][0]

The correct approach after the API change is:

query_params = st.experimental_get_query_params()  # This is the old way

if 'code' not in st.query_params:
    show_auth_link(config, label)
code = st.query_params['code'][0]
state = st.query_params['state'][0]

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,
Sahir Maharaj
Data Scientist | AI Engineer

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