ChatGPT based Cannabis Recommendation System using Streamlit

Hello Streamlit community!

I’m thrilled to share my Streamlit app, Cannabis Recommendation System, with all of you. Cannabis Recommendation System leverages the power of chatGPT to predict the right strains of Cannabis based on the flavor and the after-effects a consumer desires.

I had a fantastic experience deploying it on Streamlit Cloud, and I invite you to check it out at Cannabis Recommendation System Please share your feedback with me.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

I would like to add the concept of tracking the IP and then finding the region from where this app is being viewed so as to restrict the app to only those regions where Cannabis is legal. Looking forward to suggestions on that.


NOTE: This app in no sense promotes the consumption of marijuana/cannabis or any of its products. This app is solely for the purpose of guiding marijuana consumers with the right strains, if the consumer is from the region where cannabis is legal for recreational purpose ( for example - Canada)

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What are you trying to do sharing this here? It seems like you are advocating for drug consumption:
“Recommend”(in the title), “help get high”, “curious newcomers”, “this exciting journey”, with a repeating background: (“weed is good”). Oh, but you “in no sense promote”.

You could “leverage GPT” to learn that this drug is not a joke:

  1. Mental health effects: Cannabis use has been linked to a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and psychosis. A review by Moore et al. (2007) found that cannabis use is likely to increase the risk of developing schizophrenia and other psychoses.
  2. According to a review by Volkow et al. (2014), approximately 9% of people who use cannabis become addicted, with the rate increasing to 16-17% for those who begin using during adolescence.
  3. Gateway effect: Some research suggests that cannabis use may increase the risk of using other substances, particularly among younger users. A study by Secades-Villa et al. (2015) indicated that cannabis use during adolescence is associated with an increased risk of developing substance use disorders later in life.
    Cannabis use and risk of psychotic or affective mental health outcomes: a systematic review - PubMed
    Is marijuana addictive? | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
    Is marijuana a gateway drug? | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Thanks for the response.

First of all I had already mentioned a disclaimer at the end of the post. I think people are wise enough to figure out what’s good and what’s not. Also, This app has been made solely from the purpose of providing service to regions where recreational use of cannabis is legal.

Is this still online ? Link is not working

@Neteresy okay if he had build an application that would find the best wine for you, it would be completely fine ? Cannabis is not the problem it is human behaviour

The link works. The app doesn’t, it raises an error related to openai rate limit. Unfortunately the source code doesn’t seem to be available.

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