ChatGPT Style Example SOTA

I’ve posted a minimal OpenAI chat clone with possibly SOTA features. MIT license. GitHub repo


  1. Sticky top headers.
  2. Sticky bottom chat input prompt.
  3. Scrollable conversation area.
  4. Uses streamlit-chat style chat conversation UI (as opposed to streamlit’s chat api).
  5. Calls chatgpt using streaming and non-steaming api.
  6. Button to clear chat and return focus to bottom input prompt.
  7. Button to programmatically append user and assistant content to conversation.
  8. Integrates a (fake) placeholder for requesting userid or performing authentication.


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Hi @bsalita,

Thanks for sharing!

@bsalita is there a way to have the code scroll to the bottom of the last conversation/response from GPT. This code is good and i am just a learner myself. I have observed this issue in a lot of forums, and was wondering your take on it. See example of the screengrabs enclosed which illustrates the problem.
I personally see this as an limitation, but i am sure I am missing a piece of brilliant code to fix this.

Screengrab1 : Question is asked and the response is out, but the screen does not show the last response

Screengrab2 : Result after scrolling

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