Check all checkboxes in st.data_editor

Is there any way how to (un)check all checkboxes at once? This is usually implemented as major checkbox in the header.

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Thanks for your question, @sadel!

I’m actually not sure if that is possible. I’m cc’ing @lukasmasuch, the genius behind st.data_editor() as he may be able to help! :slight_smile:

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There is a header checkbox for the row selection column in num_rows=dynamic mode:

But this does not exist yet for normal checkbox columns :frowning: Feel free to create a feature request here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Nice! That’s the solution I’m looking for. But not related to deleting items, just for picking them. Is there any chance to workaround by this feature. I mean can I access to collection of selected items and block to deleting by Delete key?

We will eventually make this selection available, but this isn’t possible in the current version :frowning:

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