Check out my first Streamlit stock tracker app

Hi all,

Today I released my first Streamlit app. It’s a stock tracker for value investing strategies. In short, you select the stocks that are relatively cheap (low price/earnings), but also generate earnings efficiently (high return on capital). In theory, these stock will outperform the market. You can find the app here:
Also, I wrote a blog on medium for those that would like to know more about this type of stock investment strategy: Top European Magic Formula Stocks | by Steven | Dec, 2023 | Medium

The frontend of the app is Streamlit, the backend is Google Sheets and a Google Cloud Function to scrape the necessary financial information.

Let me know what you think!


@amigobrewbrew - Any plans to release this? I’m interested in how you implemented Greenblatt’s formula, especially the data sourcing. Thanks!

The app should be accessible via the link in the OP. That means it’s released right? As I am new to the Streamlit community cloud, I might be missing something here.

I won’t make the data sourcing code open source yet. However, I mainly used this library: yfinance · PyPI with some changes of my own.

On Medium I am planning on expanding on the Magic Formula and the logic I applied. Here you can find the Magic Formula rationale in a nutshell: Magic formula investing - Wikipedia.

I made a few changes where I am focused on European markets instead of American. Also I am using normal distributions to score the stock metrics instead of ordinal ranking. All these things I am planning on describing on Medium as well. The app will be the basis of a stock trading strategy blog I am trying to set up. In any case, I can recommend you to buy the book of Joel Greenblatt as it really works and of course to follow me on Medium and Streamlit :wink: !

Thanks… I’ve put a follow on your Medium :slight_smile:

Though your app is publicly usable, the GitHub repo isn’t visible via the app (that’s what I meant by releasing it). This means you deployed it to Streamlit Cloud from a private GitHub repository.

Oh of course. I understand. Might be doing that. December is busy times and I always put sensitive data in the older commits so I would need to clone and stuff, so I will keep you updated when I do.

Hi, if you are interested I have written a medium blog with more details of the app operation: Magic Formula Stock Tracker App - Functional Description | by Steven | Jan, 2024 | Medium Also the app received many updates. Enjoy!

The app appears to have crashed. Reboot? Will check it out and you medium post later. Thanks for the heads-up.

I don’t know. Maybe you hit a fluke; it’s online and working for me. What happened?