Checkbox for lists


I am reading a folder with multiple files which further creates lists of filenames.

Now, I need to create a checkbox for each list item, and when an item is checked it should display the name of the item or filename. Below is my code;

for file in av_files:
    check_boxes = st.checkbox(file, key=file)
    if check_boxes:


Hi @manish7738, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Can you be more specific about what your issue is? What does your code do now that you wish it did differently?


Hi @randyzwitch

What I am trying to do is;

  1. Select multiple files from a folder of a particular extension. (using os)
  2. Displaying them on the web using streamlit via button click.
  3. Each file in the folder holds a checkbox
  4. User will select required checkboxes (1 or more)

Once the user selects the file using checkboxes, with a click of a button the system to do further processing.

Hope this helps you to understand my code and process.

Hi @randyzwitch

Any update on the query?