Clearing Cache is not working properly

My app has a text area where user enter an input and based on that the app makes chained calls to the OpenAI apis which takes somewhat between 15-20 minutes to get the output.

However, when a new input is provided, I get back the same results from previous run. As the default behavior is caching, I used st.cache_data decorator on the functions involved in making these calls with ttl = 10 sec. However, with new input I am still getting the cached results.

I also tried clearing cache with st.cache_data.clear() and also with func.clear().

My current code looks something like this:

def make_api_call_with_retries(chat, max_tokens, retries=3):
    response = get_response(chat, max_tokens=max_tokens)

def get_response(chat_history, max_tokens=0):
      api call made here

def process_save_document(chat, prompt_type, input_heading, output_heading, text, initial_outline, max_tokens=0):
    response = make_api_call_with_retries(chat, max_tokens=max_tokens, retries=3)

def run_script(outline):
     This function makes chained calls to the above function with output of 1 passed to another for 6 times

input_text = st.text_area("Enter text:")

if st.button("Run Script", on_click=change_run_status):
    results = run_script(input_text)
    st.session_state.result = results[0]
    chat_outputs = results[1:]

Any ideas on how I can stop Streamlit from caching the return values or clearing it? Or is there something that I am doing wrong in the code ? I just wish to have a new outputs returned for each new input in text area.

At this point, what is the caching doing for you? To always clear it would mean there isn’t really a point to it. How does your app behave if you just remove the caching?

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