Clearing the on screen text with a button

essentially the program is supposed to generate a question upon the user inputting certain information. The user should be able to get a new question when the next button is pressed. this is working fine. The issue is that I want the screen to only have the new question on it rather than the previous questions as well.

if st.session_state[β€œstart”] == 0:
response = get_answer(job_description, candidate_profile)
keywords = set(job_description.split() + candidate_profile.split())
keywords = [word.strip(β€œ,.()”) for word in keywords if len(word) > 2] # Remove short words and punctuation
highlighted_response = highlight_keywords(response, keywords)
st.session_state[β€œstart”] = 1
except Exception as e:
st.error(f"Error calling OpenAI API: {e}")

# Place the "Next" button below the responses
st.write("")  # Adding space between responses and the button
if st.button("Next", key="next_button_below"):
        st.session_state["start"] = 0
    except Exception as e:
        st.error(f"Error calling OpenAI API: {e}")

Can you provide a minimal code that shows the issue. We cannot run your posted code.