Click on plot to change table?


I am trying to see if I can use Streamlit to build an interactive app where the input is some state from a graph (e.g. maybe you select a point on a scatter plot). This input would be sent to a table which would then select a row from a table. My questions are:

  1. Is this doable?
  2. Is this doable without resorting to a library like Plotly?

If the answer(s) is yes, I would appreciate a pointer to an example app! I believe I can use the States and Callbacks, but I wasn’t able to find an example in the gallery where a change to figure is reflected in a different component.


Hi @Srikiran ,

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Probably, this component from @ash2shukla might help your usecase ?
ash2shukla/streamlit-bokeh-events: A streamlit component for bi-directional communication with bokeh plots. (


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Thank you Avra! That package looks pretty good and will suit my purposes.