Click on row in dataframe and navigate to a detail page for the row clicked

I have a simple dataframe. I would like to click on a row and navigate to a page showing the details of the row clicked on. Essentially save the row values in session_state so the next page (or another widget) can update based upon that. Is this possible using a dataframe or another widget (such as data_editor) in Streamlit?

Okay in the specs I found one solution, st.column_config, that is standard as of version 1.29.0 which works,

            "Interface": st.column_config.LinkColumn()

where df needs to have a column with the full URL in it, but the downside is it shows the whole URL including the https:// etc. I just cannot get it to display just the β€œlink text” per standard HTML <a href='https://...'>*Link text*</a>. Any suggestions?

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