Click st.form_submit_button without changing dataframe in another st.form

I have these 2 columns which each contain st.form
First i copy a table from microsoft excel
Then i click read clipboard button on the first column
I get the dataframe on my column
And when i click the second column button
The dataframe in column 1 is disappear :frowning:
How to make the dataframe in column 1 not disappear
Here is my script

def read_clipboard():
    df = pd.read_clipboard()

def get_data():
    col1, col2 = st.columns(2)
    with col1:
        with st.form('Form1'):
            st.write('Dataframe 1')
            submitted1 = st.form_submit_button('Read Clipboard!')
            if submitted1:
                st.write('Data from Clipboard:')
    with col2:
        with st.form('Form2'):
            submitted2 = st.form_submit_button('Read Clipboard!')
            if submitted2:
                st.write('Data from Clipboard:')