Clickable hyperlinks in dataframes


What is the best way to make cell contents clickable as hyperlinks today?

Various approaches have been put forward over the years but the ag-grid approach seems to have stopped working. cf. How to display a clickable link pandas dataframe - #5 by edsaac – just displays an empty frame. The to_html approach is, frankly, clunky and not very streamlitian (what’s the word for that?)

It looks like the new underlying tech for st.dataframe – glide-data – supports clickable hyperlinks via an @urlcolumn parameter – but did that make it into 1.19? Is it coming soon in 1.20?

Ideas for best practice going forward? @lukasmasuch ?

Personally I’m pinning streamlit-aggrid==0.3.3, pandas<2.0 and waiting for Streamlit 1.20.

We will release URL columns for st.dataframe within the next few weeks :slight_smile: