Code in side bar not updating after source data changes

Assuming that all code gets re-executed on a widget action, I’ve designed an app (for fantasy football) that uses CSVs to keep track of a draft.

  1. At the beginning of the code, I load a CSV into a data frame that keeps track of draft results.
  2. The information in the CSV is used to write information all over the app.
  3. When a pick is made, I use a small form in the sidebar to add a row to the data frame, and then save it back as the same CSV, to be re-loaded when everything re-runs.

After pressing the submit button, everything outside of the sidebar updates immediately. However, for some reason, information in the sidebar does not update. I have code that looks at the length of the data frame loaded from the CSV, pulls data out of it using, etc. None of that stuff, in the sidebar, gets updated, until I use my radio button navigation menu to load another page.

Any thoughts as to the cause? Does the sidebar behave differently than the rest of the page?