Column width versus text

Hello everyone,

I made a simple script to predict a force. I made 2 columns. In the first column I have my input. In the second column I want to have my output. My text in the second column doesn’t fit. The page is wide enough, but my columns are limited.

I made the columns as following:

col1, col2, col3 = st.columns([1,1,2])

The result:

The text is’t fitted in the columns. Is there a way to make the second column wider? I tried to modify the st.columns([1,1,2]) but the text never fits. Only the position of the columns changes.

Python 3.12

Thanks for helping…

Hi @BdeRoover

In your st.columns, you’ve specified [1,1,2] which means that your third column is twice the width of the first and second column; and that the the first and second columns have the same width.

Additionally, you can make your page content to expand to fit the page’s width by using st.set_page_config(layout="wide")

Hope this helps!

Hi @dataprofessor

I already tried your suggestion. The solution is (I don’t know why) to remove the colour ‘black’.

originale code:
st.write(f"De nieuwe stootkracht bedraagt \u221A({Eben}[kNm]/{Eopt}[kNm]) x {F}[kN] = :black[{Fs}] [kN]")

changed to:
st.write(f"De nieuwe stootkracht bedraagt \u221A({Eben}[kNm]/{Eopt}[kNm]) x {F}[kN] = {Fs} [kN]")

It was unnecessary to add the color black. But I don’t know why an enter is added.

Thanks for the help…

black is not a supported color.

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