(Comparison Video) Flask / Bottle + HTMX vs Streamlit

I converted a few developer tool type apps from Bottle + HTMX to Streamlit and I wanted to show a hello world example of comparing Streamlit to this workflow.

Since Bottle & HTMX are not that popular:

  • Bottle ~= Flask
  • HTMX ~= Free AJAX calls from HTML attributes / Pre-baked Frontend Interactivity


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Nice :slight_smile:

I really need to try HTMX, it’s been in my TO TRY list forever…inside a non-React component like in Code snippet: create Components without any frontend tooling (no React, Babel, Webpack, etc) - Show the Community! - Streamlit maybe it may help simplify some JS calls back to the frontend

Have a nice day,
Fanilo :balloon:

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I wasn’t even thinking about the potential synergy :exploding_head:

I might have to take a try at the combo later, should be fun to explore component making

Cheers, @andfanilo!

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