Conditional formating in Datatable using Streamlit and AGgrid

Hello Friends,

I am a beginner in Python and Streamlit, I am working on Dashboard where I am counting the Overdue for the Supply chain Governance point of you.

As you can see in below image I have return a code which basically highlighting the values which are greater than or equal to 10, here is the code.

if select_menu == "Summary":
    st.header("ISCO Daily Overdue Monitoring")
    gd = GridOptionsBuilder.from_dataframe(dt)
    cell_stylejscode = JsCode("""
        function(params) {
            if (params.value >= 10) {
                return {
    gd.configure_columns(column_names=['APAC','EEMEA','EUROPE','LAM','NAM','BASF'], cellStyle = cell_stylejscode)
    gridoptions =
    AgGrid(dt, custom_css=custom_css,allow_unsafe_jscode=True,gridOptions=gridoptions)

I want to modify the code in which I have overdue Target and Overdue count if Overdue count is more than Its Target Value then only count value should be highlighted.

is there any way we can do that.