Connect to SQL Server Database

Hi, I am trying to deploy an app to be used internally in the company I work for. I create the app and it worked fine when I run from my local machine.
However, when I try to deploy it, I get a login timeout error in the connection. I have followed the tutorial in this link, but it didn’t work: Connect Streamlit to Microsoft SQL Server - Streamlit Docs
I think the problem is that I am using the same text for the ‘server’ that I am using when connecting locally, so streamlit can not find it online.
Do someone know how can I connect to this app to the company database ? It is a SQL Server database running in an Azure VM.

First of all, this database must be accessible from outside.

When we access it from outside, we need to connect to a VPN, Is this type of database accessible for streamlit ?
Sorry, I really dont know much about these type of connections.

I am not aware that it is possible to set up a VPN connection between Streamlit Cloud and another machine.
The Streamlit app would have to be hosted somewhere else.
But with such thin information, you can hardly recommend anything concrete…

I talked to the IT team and they said that they can include the IP of streamlit in the allow list, but I didnt find this information in the internet.
D you know if streamlit has an IP address that they can add ?