Connecting to snowflake takes forever to load

Hey guys, I’m creating a streamlit web app with snowflake being the database and hosting it via Heroku. My database contains more than 300,000 rows and my page stays in “Running connect()” and crashes at the end. I know I should maybe reduce the size of the data being imported from snowflake, but however, I don’t want to do that. I want the entire data to load. Please help!

Hey @Sathish_Prasad, what exactly is crashing, could you be more specific?
Also, I understand you want to load all data but what for, what are you trying to achieve with 300k rows in the UI, could you walk me through the use case, please?

Hey @SashaMitrovich, thanks for your reply! I kinda figured out the issue, the memory usage exceeded the limit on Heroku and I just had to update my server costs. Works very fine now. Also, it’s for a web app in my work place. Thanks again!