Connection error or takes very long to load on another network

Can you please advise me on why my app is taking very long to load? My app is taking very long when I share it and test it on another network! It either shows a connection error or takes very long to load up when shared.
Here is my app link:
Here is my github link: GitHub - RDIRENA/plot

I appreciate any insights!

Hi @R_D

Welcome to the streamlit community :tada: :tada:

I tried your app with three different networks and in all three cases, it loaded almost instantly. I also checked your code and everything seems to be perfect.

Are you sure that its only the streamlit app that’s taking a long time to load on that “another network” and that “another network” is not slow in general?


Thank you for your reply. I am surprised but glad to hear that! I will double check the network status.

I am facing a connection error when deploying my streamlit app. I dont know why.
Please help me, I really want to share my app for some clients to see.
my github repo: GitHub - Martin1998215/RM-ML

I will be more than grateful.
Thank you!